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Anti-Inflammation Fast Start Guide

You will discover:

What inflammation is, and why it's not all bad – and, in this case, how it's possible to have too much of a good thing ...

The alarming connection between chronic inflammation and weight gain; and the vicious cycle they both create in your body ...

And you'll discover 7 simple steps you can take – starting immediately – to reduce your inflammation levels and safely accelerate your weight loss ... for life.

Here's What Some of My Doctor Friends Say About Our Omega-3
Fatty Acid Supplement

"I have been around the nutritional supplement industry for 23 years, and rarely if ever have I seen a company that pays as much attention to the science as RealDose. Their commitment to the right ingredients at the real dose is not only impressive, but already changing the industry. And, if there was just one supplement I could recommend people take every day, it would be to get at least two grams of omega-3 fatty acids. I really like what RealDose Nutrition is doing with their fish oil and do believe they have created a terrific omega-3 delivery system."

Dr. Jonny Bowden
New York Times Best-selling Author
Frequent Dr. Oz Contributor

"As a physician disabled due to epilepsy, I know that taking an omega-3 supplement is very important to the health of my brain and I have been taking different forms for years. After reviewing all the options available today, I highly recommend RealDose fish oil as it gives the right dose of omega-3s in its most absorbable form."

Dr. Michelle Confer
Board Certified Physician
Dallas/ Fort Worth

"Omega-3 fish oils are a no-brainer for anyone determined to avoid the many chronic diseases rampant in our society today — yet compliance and correct dosing are critical. RealDose fish oil is the perfect product — high potency, bioavailable and clean. It plays a central role in my practice."

Dr. Kevin Light

"One of the few proven preventive supplements that anyone can take is Omega-3 fish oil. I recommend the RealDose Fish Oil brand for my patients and my family because of its special absorption properties, pharmaceutical purity and superior dosing."

Dr. James M. Kohan
Board Certified Physician
University of Virginia School of Medicine

Why Everyone Should Take Super Critical
Omega-3 TG Every Day

One thing I think is important to know is that supplementing with a quality source of omega-3 fatty acids is absolutely essential for your health.

As I said earlier with the island analogy, if I had to choose to take just one supplement (I take a lot more than that), it would be this one. It's almost impossible to get enough omega-3 fatty acids from your diet alone, and the benefits are abundant.

And as I said earlier, I don't know any other doctor who wouldn't say the same thing.


So what's the "Real Dose" of omega-3s you need to increase fat loss, achieve more mental clarity, reduce chronic inflammation, improve your skin elasticity, and even slow down cellular aging?

Well, human studies confirm that you need 2 to 3 grams a day of omega-3s, specifically EPA and DHA, to achieve those maximum weight loss, enhanced mood and longevity benefits.

But the problem is that popular over-the-counter omega-3 products only deliver 0.6 to 0.9 grams of EPA and DHA per day at best.

That's far less than the optimal dose. But it gets worse, because the inefficient form that most over-the-counter omega-3s are in causes even less EPA and DHA to enter your bloodstream, compounding the problem.

Find Out The Truth About Fish Oil Processing And
Why RealDose Is Different:



By watching the video you can see there are two very different kinds of Fish Oil (ethyl-ester form and triglyceride form). One form is highly superior to the other and I'll explain why by going into the differences below.


It's because the omega-3 fish oil that ate through those 2 cups is in what's called ethyl-ester form.

In fact, the vast majority of omega-3 fish oils on the market are in this cheaper form that's a result of the processing fish oil goes through.

This form has a number of problems. It's difficult to digest and, as I said earlier, it's not as absorbable as the form I'm about to get to.

Ethyl-ester form is highly prone to oxidation. We all know that rancid fish oil smells bad, but it also wreaks havoc on the body by increasing inflammation, making it even more difficult to lose weight.

Finally, in order for it to have a fighting chance at absorption, ethyl-ester fish oil must be taken with food.

So why do they bother with this form? Because it's CHEAPER to manufacture AND the U.S. government does not require companies to label what form of fish oil is in the bottle.


So what do I take and recommend for my friends and family?

Omega-3 fish oil that's in the natural triglyceride or what's called TG-form.

This is what's naturally found in wild-caught fish.

Most companies skip the step, after purifying and concentrating the fish oil, of taking it back to the natural TG-form, which is 1.7x more bioavailable than the cheaper ethyl-ester form.

TG-form fish oil is much more shelf stable than EE form, which means it doesn't go bad as quickly.

And, something I really like, TG-form fish oil can be taken without food because it's already in the form naturally found in all fish.

You may also have heard about some "alternative" forms of Omega 3's, like krill oil, that are claiming to be superior. I've researched these claims and have NOT found them to be credible. In addition, many scientists believe that the harvesting of a rapidly diminishing krill population is not sustainable and is harmful for the ocean's eco-system.

That said, I've found the TG-form of omega-3 fish oil to be not only the best omega-3 delivery system available, but also to be the most sustainable due to the quick replenishment rates of the types of ocean fish being harvested.

So I've come up with a saying that I use whenever anyone asks me what omega-3 fish oil to take, and that's:

If it's not TG, it's NOT for me!


But even if you're already taking a fish oil that's in the natural triglyceride form, and chances are very good that you're not, there are 3 more BIG problems with nearly every other omega-3 fish oil on the market:

The first is that you need to take up to 8 large soft gels to get the same 2-3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids for the health benefits I spoke about earlier.

This makes the whole process of consuming fish oil not only inconvenient, but for some people, nearly impossible to swallow.

The second big problem is that omega-3 fatty acids are best absorbed in the small intestine. In fact, a published study showed that, in the stomach, fish oil gets mixed with stomach acids and becomes less absorbable.

And finally, another problem associated with letting fish oil slosh around with your stomach acid is that it can cause unwanted fishy burping and reflux. This can be downright uncomfortable, not to mention the potential for embarrassment due to bad breath.

The good news is that I've done the research and come up with a solution for all 3 of these problems.


The solution to what I call the "horse pill" problem comes to us from continental Europe, where the most innovative fish oil technology in the world is developed.

A new, cutting-edge, eco-friendly process called "super critical extraction" produces the purest and highest potency EPA & DHA fish oil on the market.

By utilizing this breakthrough method, you can dramatically reduce the number of softgels necessary for delivering a therapeutic 2.4 grams a day of omega-3 fatty acids.

And an added bonus of this new process is that it produces truly pharmaceutical-grade fish oil by reducing mercury, PCBs and dioxins to undetectable levels. This is why drug companies are licensing this technology for their own prescription omega-3 products.

But that still leaves us with the problems of absorption and the potential for fishy burping.


The elegant solution to this problem is the use of something called "enteric soft gels" that are designed to dissolve in the small intestine instead of the stomach.

Omega-3s delivered with enteric soft gels have been shown to be more absorbable than non-enteric, which is a BIG DEAL when it comes to getting the maximum brain, heart and weight loss benefits.

But here's the rub, most enteric softgels are either opaque or coated with the enteric material, making the contents appear "cloudy." The coated variety can suffer from cracking and uneven coating distribution problems, which can result in reduced absorption.

The best solution I've found is an innovative technology called ClearEnteric™, which results in the enteric properties being inside the softgel material itself, eliminating the problems associated with enteric coatings.

ClearEnteric™ softgels give you maximum absorption and "fishy burp" reduction while still allowing you to clearly see the quality and purity of the fish oil inside.


You should know that RealDose is not about hype.

As a doctor, I wanted to focus on how chronic inflammation is aging your brain, clogging your arteries and, in many cases, forcing you to gain weight, THEN explain the science of how the Real Dose of omega-3s can break the dangerous cycle that drives all of this.

But, in the meantime, I want you to know that we are big sticklers about making sure that people are happy, and that they get the results that they're expecting. So we're protecting you with the RealDose unconditional 365-day "You Must Be Thrilled" money-back guarantee.

I'm that convinced that you're going to have personal success with this product!


Q: Why did RealDose create another Omega-3 formula when the original was already considered the best?

A: Because we are always trying to ensure we deliver the best at everything we do, we never stop improving. In this case, we discovered new ways to increase omega-3 absorbability and deliver more omega-3s in less “pill space”.

Q: What is the difference between RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG and the original RealDose Omega-3 TG product?

A: There are two main differences. First, we used a process to purify and concentrate the fish oil to 80% omega-3 fatty acids. This process, called Super Critical extraction, yields the absolute highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in TG form you can find anywhere. Our previous version yielded 60% omega-3 fatty acids which meant we had to make larger pills. The second thing we changed was the delivery mechanism. We now use a capsule technology called ClearEnteric™ that allows for 3X the bio availability of the omega-3s and virtually eliminates the possibility of fish burps.

Q: What are the ingredients in RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG?

A: Super Critical Omega-3 TG consists of purified and concentrated omega-3 fish oil through a process called Super Critical extraction. This special process yields amazingly pure oil that is standardized to 80% omega-3 fatty acid content. Also included is a special coating called, “ClearEnteric™” which allows our oil to bypass your stomach and dissolve in the small intestines instead. This increases absorption by 3X and helps eliminate fish burps. There is a slight amount of natural lemon/lime flavor and a proprietary antioxidant blend consisting of natural tocopherols in order to extend shelf life.

Q: Is RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG “natural?”

A: Yes. Our fish oil comes from natural sources, and is purified using a process that results in the natural triglyceride form of the oil -- the same as you’d find in a pure source of fish.

Q: Is RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG tested for purity?

A: Yes. The purification processes and standards for fish oil have evolved considerably over the years. Impurities such as from mercury, lead and other sources can be detected (and removed) down to the level of parts per billion. Moreover, each and every batch is tested to ensure this same level of purity and safety.

Q: Is RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG gluten free?

A: Yes.

Q: Are any of the ingredients derived from animal sources?

A: Yes. The oil is derived from natural sources of fish.


Q: How often do I take RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG?

A: Take 1 soft gel capsule, three times daily or as directed by your health practitioner.

Q: How long will one bottle last me?

A: Each bottle of RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG contains 90 capsules, which is a 30-day supply.

Q: Should I keep taking Super Critical Omega-3 TG after the first 30-90 days?

A: Yes. Omega-3 fatty acids are “essential” meaning your body cannot manufacture them on its own and must come from your diet. Furthermore, there is an epidemic of omega-3 deficiency… a recent Harvard study listed omega-3 deficiency as among the top 10 causes of death in America.

Q: I hate the taste of fish, will I be able to "stomach" Super Critical Omega-3 TG?

A: Yes! One of the benefits of our ClearEnteric™ technology is that the capsules bypass your stomach (where burps or stomach upset would occur) and get digested in your small intestine where it is more absorbable and less likely to cause the fish burps.


Q: Is RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG safe?

A: Yes. Omega-3 fatty acids are not only safe, but proven to be effective for humans in over 8,000 double-blind, clinical studies. However, as with any product, you should consult your doctor with any questions.

Q: Will Super Critical Omega-3 TG interfere with medications I’m taking?

A: Since the oils found in RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG can potentially thin your blood, it’s recommended you be especially careful if you’re on any form of blood-thinning medication, including leading heart health drugs. Thus, we recommend you always consult with your physician regarding any potential interaction with Super Critical Omega-3 TG and the medications that you are taking.

Q: Is RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG safe for children?

A: The fish oil in our Super Critical Omega-3 TG is absolutely safe, but the product was formulated for adults. Because of this, we are unable to make any product recommendations for children at this time.

Q: Can I take RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG if I’m pregnant or nursing?

A: Possibly, since evidence shows that a pregnant woman’s needs for omega-3 fatty acids are even more significant, as she is essentially feeding for two. However, like always, you should absolutely consult your health care practitioner before taking any dietary supplement.


Q: How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

A: We generally ship items within 1-2 business days of receiving your order. The average shipping transit time within the continental US is 3-5 business days.

Q: Is RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG guaranteed?

A: Yes. We’re so sure that you’ll love RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG, that we protect you with our Unconditional 365-day “You Must Be Thrilled!” Money-Back Guarantee. We want you to have plenty of time to experience and benefit from the product so you can discover for yourself how great it will make you feel.

If you’re not happy with your results, simply notify us up to one full year after purchase by calling (800) 928-5580 (Outside U.S. +1-307-222-6725) or visiting We'll make arrangements for you to receive a 100% refund (less shipping, if applicable). No questions asked. No unusual hoops to jump through.

We understand many people are skeptical when they hear what a new product might do for them. Realizing this, we decided to offer our “You Must Be Thrilled!” Guarantee program so that new customers would get the opportunity to experience the same health benefits our satisfied customers have already enjoyed, with no worries!

Q: How do I get help by phone?

A: You can reach our Customer Care Specialists by phone, Monday through Friday 7am - 3pm Mountain Time, by calling (800) 928-5580. You may also send us a fax at (307) 316-0381.


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Donna P.
United States

The Best Omega

My husband and I have been taking this Omega - 3. My first blood work to check my cholesterol level had greatly improved. Been taking it ever since that time!

Becky M.
United States

Super Critical Omega-3 TG Review

My husband and I really like using this product. No fishy smell or "fish burps". I've noticed my nails are stronger and my hair is thicker since I've been using it.

Carolyn H.

Super Critical Omega-3 TG

I really like the product, thank you. Carolyn M Hamilton

Mary F.

Great product, great customer service

My husband and I have been using the Super Critical Omega-3 TG AutoRefill from RealDose Nutrition for the past year and a half. The product is top-notch -- always fresh and always arrives on time. We appreciate the convenience of the autorefill and the corresponding price break. We also appreciate the prompt, helpful customer service we get whenever we need to call for assistance.


RealDose Nutrition

Hi Mary, Thanks for posting your great review! We're super excited to hear how much you and your husband enjoy the Super Critical Omega-3 TG. Our Fishoil originates from anchovies, mackerel and sardines from Peruvian waters. In addition, Super Critical Omega-3 TG utilizes ClearEnteric soft gels, allowing for better absorption of the Omega-3's in the small intestine, rather than the stomach. You may not see anything visibly dramatic in the first 30 days, however, customers often report that they ���feel�� better, their mood and mental performance seems to be improved, and they have more energy with less perceived inflammation. Over time, it��s possible you��ll notice additional benefits, such as accelerated weight loss or improved immunity. We are always here to support you on your healthy journey so please continue to keep us updated on your progress! You can reach us at As a token of our appreciation you should have received an email containing coupon for 20% Off. Just in case you didn't, here it is - code: THANKS20. Don't forget to enter it during your next checkout. If you are on Auto-Refill we are happy to apply a 20% discount to one future order (just shoot us an email and include the code). Make it a healthy day! ~ Annabelle via

Shelly G.

This is the best product on the market today.

In my youth I played catcher for softball teams and today my knees have arthritis and swell and in constant pain but when I take Super Critical Omega-3TG I can walk, hike and bike ride now. The pain relief is amazing I had taken other Omega products but nothing worked. If I forget to take the Super Critical Omega -3TG I get the pain back immediately I refer this product to all my friends and family. Thank you RealDose Nutrition.


RealDose Nutrition

Hi Shelly , Thanks for posting your great review! Yes, wear and tear on the knees and joints can make even the simplest of exercises seem like quite a challenge. Thaat said, we are so happy to learn of your great experience and how it has helped imporved your mobility and joint health. We're super excited to hear how much you and your loved ones enjoy the Super Critical Omega-3 TG. Our Fishoil originates from anchovies, mackerel and sardines from Peruvian waters. In addition, Super Critical Omega-3 TG utilizes ClearEnteric soft gels, allowing for better absorption of the Omega-3's in the small intestine, rather than the stomach. You may not see anything visibly dramatic in the first 30 days, however, customers often report that they ���feel�� better, their mood and mental performance seems to be improved, and they have more energy with less perceived inflammation. Over time, it��s possible you��ll notice additional benefits, such as accelerated weight loss or improved immunity. We are always here to support you on your healthy journey so please continue to keep us updated on your progress! You can reach us at As a token of our appreciation you should have received an email containing coupon for 20% Off. Just in case you didn't, here it is - code: THANKS20. Don't forget to enter it during your next checkout. If you are on Auto-Refill we are happy to apply a 20% discount to one future order (just shoot us an email and include the code). Make it a healthy day! ~ Annabelle via