Testimonial - Teresa T

Teresa T., Mid 50s
Teacher, Writer/Novelist
Durham, NC

“I started taking Weight Loss Formula #1 and immediately felt a change in my appetite.”*

“After seeing a photo of myself in June and then weighing in at the doctor's office, I realized that I had to do something.”

“I had gained 25 pounds since 2008 and although I knew that some of that was due to menopause and a crazy thyroid, I still hated to look in the mirror.”

“I had tried Weight Watchers in the past and own several different diet books, but I wasn't looking for a diet.”

“I watched the RealDose video and it just seemed to make sense to me so I ordered the product. I had two long phone conversations with a RealDose nutritionist. She gave me a lot of ideas of how to get more protein into my diet.”

“They really cared about my health and it came through.”

“I started taking Weight Loss Formula #1 and immediately felt a change in my appetite. I no longer was hungry an hour after eating. My craving for sweets was totally gone.”

“I have lost 12 pounds in 2 months, I am halfway to my very realistic goal.”

“I have not been eating special meals or following a strict diet. I have been conscious of what I put into my mouth and how much water I drink.”

“I make protein shakes for breakfast and love them. I feel as if I start my day on the right foot. I do not skip meals.”

“At 55, I thought that maybe I just had to settle for the way I looked and felt, but now I realize that isn't the case. My husband is very proud of me.”

“I even shared a week's worth of Weight Loss Formula No 1 with my best friend, hoping that she will give it a serious try, too. I’m not a salesperson, but when you have a story it’s easy to share.”

"I feel much better in my clothes and much more confident about the way I look. I will continue to take this product because I just feel so much better and I want to lose the rest of the weight. Thank you so much!"


“Eat breakfast! My RealDose protein shakes are a lifesaver in the morning. I can make it and take it to enjoy on the drive to school. Don't skip meals. And be kind to myself.”


Theresa T., Mid 50s
Teacher, Writer/Novelist
Durham, NC

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