RealDetox 7-Day Program
With Coach Lori
(Next Class Starts August 5th)

Lori Grisham, BC-CAHP
Holistic Health Practitioner

7 days to a better you

Many of my clients say that starting with the right detox plan is the only thing that’s put them on the path to healthy, long-term results. In just 7 days, your metabolism starts to reset, and excess weight begins coming off. Other benefits include improved sleep, reduced bloating, and clearer skin.

Cleansing, not cravings.

RealDetox is all about EATING. And lots of it! My clients say they’ve never felt more satisfied, plus they pick up a joy for cooking and tasty, nourishing foods that get shared with friends and family.

Easy to start (AND easy on the pocketbook)

The RealDetox 7-Day Program is free of charge. You can follow along on your own daily schedule, and the program includes recipes, feedback, and encouragement.

Professional support

As a Certified Health Practitioner, I’ll coach you safely and professionally every step of the way. You’ll receive regular coaching emails and have direct access to me via our private online coaching group.

The RealDose RealDetox program includes:

- Daily Detox coaching on your schedule

- FREE access to my exclusive private coaching group

- The RealDetox 7-Day Fast Start Guide

- Grocery lists and recipes

- The email guidance and support you need for long term success

Sign up below, and I’ll immediately send you a confirmation email with simple, step-by-step instructions. Plus, you’ll get a 15% discount on the RealDetox 7-Day Support Kit. The shakes in the RealDetox 7-Day Support Kit are a delicious, cost-effective way to speed your detox results by providing your body with the right mix of protein and nutrients. If your email confirmation doesn’t arrive, please contact