RealCare Team - Donna H.

“Eat on smaller plates ...”

Counting calories is not to Donna’s liking, and she doesn’t recommend it to others either. She’d much rather follow her mother’s great advice: Count your blessings instead.

As part of the RealCare chat team, Donna believes that personal service means helping members meet personal goals. That may start with a few healthy alternatives to the meal plan or suggestions for weaving exercise into a busy schedule. “Our team cares enough to help our customers achieve their goals, rather than leaving them to find their own way,” she says.

Donna has watched members of her own family try to find their own way to a healthier weight and lifestyle. And she’s been on that journey herself. She’s learned to say no to processed foods, sugary snacks and the drive-thru lane at burger joints. But when her husband takes over the kitchen to prepare his Reuben pizza, she can’t say no. Instead, she counts her blessings and says a happy yes to a small slice.

Essential tip for healthy living: “Eat on smaller plates because less is more. And make sure that ¾s of your plate is filled with vegetables and protein at every meal.”