RealCare Team - Anthony C.

“People need their own strategies for losing weight ...”

In his own efforts to lose weight, Anthony has done battle with what he calls “the midnight craving.” It strikes, and suddenly he’s helpless before the cake on the kitchen counter or the chocolate bar in the cabinet.

Well, not helpless exactly. He has learned how to manage cravings—when the big hand and the little hand meet at 12, a RealMeal shake may well come to his rescue.

In his role as a member of the RealCare team, Anthony draws upon his personal struggles to help people fashion their own strategies for losing weight and living a healthy life. His approach begins with a simple acknowledgment that there’s a job to do and that it can be done. The next step is just a question of figuring out how.

Essential tip for healthy living: “Eat small, eat regularly. That keeps the body’s mechanism from being thrown out of sync.”