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What Are "Metabolism Types"?

After interacting with over 320,000 customers over the last three years, my medical advisory board and I have determined that overweight people typically have an imbalance of 4 distinct "messengers" in their bodies.

Our key discovery is that a MAJOR cause of an individual's weight issues is the direct result of a CORE IMBALANCE of one of these 4 messengers.

When given a specific eating, exercise, and lifestyle plan uniquely designed to re-balance this CORE MESSENGER, losing fat becomes much easier. This approach is especially effective when combined with scientifically-proven, messenger balancing ingredients.

You will learn much more about how this works, including what Dr. Steve calls the "Messenger Domino Effect," after you see this fascinating video...

Who Is Dr. Steven Sisskind?

Steven Sisskind, M.D.

I am a graduate of the Stanford University and received my medical degree from The Baylor College of Medicine over 20 years ago.

As the chief medical advisor for RealDose Nutrition and a father of 4 young children. I have become passionate about seeking safe, scientifically validated solutions towards the health issues that currently are plaguing western society.

The issue of helping people lose excess body fat is core to this mission because being overweight prevents optimal health.

*Results are not typical. Expected results are based on the results of separate double blind studies on the two primary ingredients in RealDose™ Formula No.1. For the first ingredient you can expect to lose approximate 1.17 pounds a week over an 8 week period by following a low calorie diet, which is 2.4 times as much as those who consumed a placebo pill. For the second ingredient*, you can expect to lose approximately 1.7 pounds a week over a period of 60 days by following a low carbohydrate diet and exercising moderately, which is over twice the rate of people taking a placebo pill.


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Thom E. The Effect of Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee on Glucose Absorption in Healthy Volunteers and Its Effect on Body Mass When Used Long-Term in Overweight and Obese People. The Journal of International Medical Research,* *2007; 35: 900-908.

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