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Testimonial - Marci B

Marci B., 60s
Accounting Professor, Mother of 6
Bountiful ,UT

“The more I lose the more committed I am.”*

"I was desperate and at my wits end when I found RealDose."

"I've lost 30 pounds in 85 days, I feel great, I'm sleeping well and I handle stress way better than in the past."

"After reading the Fast Start Fat Loss booklet I realized I needed to up my protein, cut my sweets and eat more regularly."

"I weighed in every morning to keep myself focused, the weight never comes off as fast I want it too but 10 pounds a month when nothing else was working is great."

"I took advantage of the free Healthy Life program and was able to visit with Jan who was very helpful with more suggestions that I implemented into my routine."

"I only have good days now! The more I lose the more committed I am."

"If no one ever noticed the weight loss I wouldn't care because I feel so much better."


"I found RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 on Facebook and watched the video, I needed to do something and thought maybe this would help. After learning about the Super Critical Omegas I added them to my diet as well."


Marci B., 60s
Accounting Professor, Mother of 6
Bountiful, UT

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical and can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.