Testimonial - Karen Hohe

"Once you get the spare tire and nothing works to get rid of it, it’s no wonder you want to give up!"*

I have always managed my weight with adjustments to my eating habits, but once I hit 50, that didn’t seem to work anymore. The spare tire that seemed to show up out of nowhere wouldn’t budge using my usual ways.

Eating well, walking 2 miles a day and hiking often on the weekends didn’t get rid of that roll around my waist. Once you get the spare tire and nothing works to get rid of it, it’s no wonder you want to give up!

I am always doing things to improve myself, so when one of my trusted teachers shared that he had done well with RealDose Weight Loss Formula No.1, it piqued my interest.

Weight loss pills in general have a bad reputation, but when he said it had helped him, I had to take a look. So, I watched the RealDose video and felt very comfortable about ordering.

I met the Weight Loss capsule half way; not expecting magic. I weighed my food, made adjustments to my diet, added an apple a day and eliminated wheat.

I took my vitamins, minerals and calcium to support my body. Dr. Steve’s emails were super valuable, and I put the suggestions into practice. I was only eating 2 meals a day, so I was only taking 2 capsules a day.

My results were not what I was hoping for. I took advantage of the free healthy life program offered by RealDose and worked with Dylan, a nutritionist. He had some great tips, but the key one was that he got me to take 3 capsules a day, and that started making a bigger difference.

I’m 5’2" so every pound is a big deal. I didn’t weigh myself, but it wasn’t long before my jeans started feeling comfortable again. I am now into my skinny clothes and wearing my favorite custom-made jeans again.

I started on the Super Critical Omega-3s the second month on the Weight Loss Formula and have even noticed younger looking skin!

There have been other benefits as well. I told my sister I felt like this was a happy pill. There has been an improvement in my mood and an upswing in my confidence. My sleeping habits have changed too. It seems like I am requiring less sleep, but I have just as much energy as always.

I sleep until I’m done and wake up feeling great without an alarm clock. Recently I was out to dinner with family, and they began to talk about getting dessert. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t even tempted to have dessert with them. It felt so easy to say "no thanks."

Karen’s Results in a Nutshell

I have reached my goal and feel great about my results. What I can say is if you are considering taking RealDose Weight Loss Formula #1, do it, stick with it, and give it time to work. It feels really good to be in control of your weight.


Karen Hohe, Age 55
Ledgewood, N.J.
Single, 2 Cats, Nature Photographer

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical and can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.