Testimonial - Jon Galloway

“At 38, my goal was to feel better than I did at 30, and now I have not felt this good since ... 25.”*

“Thank you for your product and support. Simply put, since March 23, 2013, I have lost 40 pounds. I believe it’s been a combination of the RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, the Super Critical Omega-3 TG, exercise and eating better that has helped me this far.

“I knew I needed to work out, I just never had the energy or desire to go do it. With RealDose, I started feeling like I wanted to workout. Getting started was the hardest part.

“I started slowly, but as I felt better and better, I added to my workouts. I now work out for 45 minutes 5–6 times weekly. I mix high-intensity cardio with weight training and stretching. My positive mental attitude is a direct benefit of action and RealDose.

“I had messed up my metabolism by starving myself and not eating all day, then gorging at night. My thin grandmother ate 5 meals a day, so I started eating 5 small meals a day too.

“My eating patterns and cravings have changed. I reduced my carbohydrate intake dramatically, and have come to enjoy blended fruit and protein (whey) shakes after workouts.”

Jon’s Results in a Nutshell

“At 38, my goal was to feel better than I did at 30, and now I have not felt this good since before I was married with children at 25. All I did was follow the directions, work the plan and take advantage of all the information that’s sent in the emails. My weight loss success started with trusting RealDose.”



Jon Galloway, Age 38
Buena, N.J.

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical and can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.

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