How To Find The Best Protein Powder

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Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D.

Hi. Dr. Steven Sisskind here. You're about to learn a delicious way to force your body into burning fat effortlessly. And the weird part of this trick is that it just might seem too delicious to be true…

This is a picture of a delicious milkshake… Now I'm not showing you this yummy milkshake to make you hungry.

Quite the contrary… The reason I'm showing you this mouth-watering milkshake is because drinking THIS milkshake could be the answer to 3 common reasons people gain weight as they age.

Number 1 is the loss of lean muscle mass — It's estimated that after the age of 30, most of us lose about 1% of our lean muscle amount each year, which adds up fast.

Number 2 is the slowing down of an already slow metabolism.

And Number 3 is the reduced ability to process carbohydrates including sugar, pasta and starches, without packing on the pounds.

You're probably asking yourself, "How in the world will THIS delicious milkshake solve all those problems and make me skinny?"

The secret is in one key ingredient that you might think you're getting enough of…. But that I can almost guarantee, you're not getting in the right form.

You might have guessed that I'm talking about PROTEIN.

But before you go and get yourself some protein powder, eat a big steak or start pounding down the milk — I have some extremely shocking news for you.

I'm going to reveal how you can tell the difference between the kind of protein that will speed up your metabolism, shrink your appetite and reduce the fat-packing sugar spikes from high carb meals,


the other 99.9% of proteins you'll find online and in stores that will not only NOT provide you with any of these benefits — but when you find out how they're manufactured — you might be so disturbed, that you wouldn't even let your friends try it… let alone your family…

You will absolutely NOT want to miss this if you

This is because you're going to learn about a unique solution to these problems that is both simple and delicious.

But first, who am I?

My name is Steven Sisskind and I've been a medical doctor for over 20 years. I am the father of four wonderful children and husband to my lovely wife Melanie. In recent years, I've dedicated my time, resources and energy to helping fight age-related weight gain. I've also dedicated my career to educating people on how to treat the causes of their health rather than just treating their symptoms.

Steven Sisskind, M.D.

Remember that milkshake I told you about?

The reason that this particular milkshake is a secret to your weight loss problems is because it contains a very special form of protein.

Now, there's no doubt that the right kind of protein can be a great addition to any weight loss or healthy living plan. It can increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite and reduce the negative results of a high carb meal.

Research shows that there are numerous other benefits to taking a protein supplement … a top-shelf protein powder can surprisingly give you improved immune support, and as I said before, can help ward off the signs of cognitive decline — something very important to me as I get into my 50's.

And based on my extensive research, I recommend that everyone make this high quality protein a part of their healthy lifestyle… especially if you have any issues with your weight.

People ask me all the time, "Dr. Steve, why does the body need protein supplementation at all?"

The answer is simple. Protein is absolutely vital to your body's function. In fact, protein is a component in just about every major body system. Your blood, bones, muscles, organs, immune system and nerves all contain proteins.

During the course of everyday living, these tissues break down and must be replaced and repaired. To do this, your body needs a steady supply of high quality protein every single day.

And, unlike fat and carbohydrates, your body does not store protein for future use.

So if not supplied to the body on a daily basis, your body will literally steal protein from existing muscle tissue in order to get the protein it needs to function. And this spells disaster for your body and your metabolism.

You end up with less lean muscle and a slower metabolism. This is why, if you are trying to lose weight, you actually need to dramatically INCREASE your protein intake, not decrease it.

And besides helping to build lean body mass, and reduce body fat, there are 3 more amazing benefits to taking a high quality protein supplement.

'Where does protein powder come from?'

First of all, the type of protein that works best for weight loss and all the other benefits I've mentioned, is called "Whey Protein". Although there are other protein sources, nothing compares to whey in terms of science and completeness… especially if you are interested in shedding fat around your stomach, neck and thighs.

In recent research published in The American Journal of Nutrition, whey protein was shown to increase your metabolism more than casein or soy protein — which has other problems, especially if you are female. And other vegetable proteins have incomplete amino acid profiles… and can be especially low in the amino acid leucine — which is responsible for maintaining lean muscle.

In fact, in this study, whey protein increased what researchers call "thermogenesis" — or calorie burning — even FIVE HOURS after people consumed it.

So, where does whey protein come from?

Whey protein is naturally found in milk. It is produced during the process of making cheese. Enzymes are added to milk, causing it to separate into 2 parts: cheese curds and whey protein.

As you will learn in a couple of seconds — most store bought whey protein has been manufactured under some very questionable, unethical and downright scary processes.

And I promise you, that if you knew how this stuff was manufactured, you wouldn't want it anywhere near you or your loved ones.

Let me explain…

Remember how I told you that all whey protein is derived from milk?

Well, this milk comes from cows, and the biggest problem with most store-bought whey protein originates in the cows themselves. Evolutionarily speaking, cows have always roamed free, and eaten grass, legumes, and herbs. And it's been that way for thousands of years.

You've heard the old saying "you are what you eat"? Well, that applies to cows as well as humans.

The problem with today's dairy and meat industry is 3 fold.

Now I'm not trying to scare you, but these are very serious problems.

You see, these are not healthy animals. Not to mention that I personally think it's a travesty that we treat animals with such cruelty.

Everything that I've just described with cows happens before the whey is even processed. And that's scary enough…

But after the enzymes are added to the milk to separate the curds from the whey — a series of heavy-handed and unnatural treatments including irradiation, micro-filtration and hydrolyzation are applied to the whey to render it safe for human consumption.

Additionally when the proteins are super heated and treated with acid, they become denatured, which means that the protein itself has been structurally altered, rendering it essentially dead by the time it enters your body.

So you can see why this inferior whey protein is literally garbage. Less than desirable to say the least….

Now, you may be thinking that it might be better to just avoid whey protein supplements all together. And I can certainly understand why you might feel that way.

But that's why it's SO CRITICAL that everyone reading this knows exactly how to distinguish between this cruel, ineffective and possibly dangerous source of protein and the kind of protein in the fat burning milkshake.

You now know how important it is to get a high quality protein source in your diet everyday. And, given these shocking facts about inferior whey protein — you may be wondering "how can we be sure that the protein we're taking is safe, let alone effective ?"

As a doctor, I've had hundreds of people ask me that very same question. And as a doctor, I also wanted to find the very best source of whey protein on the planet, so I could recommend it to everyone who's put their trust in me.

Remember how I said that there are 3 more benefits of taking a high quality whey protein supplement? These benefits only happen within the body when you take a super-pure high-quality protein that has not been denatured, super-heated or overly processed.

In addition to fat loss, appetite suppression, increased metabolism and reducing the negative effects of eating too much sugar — here are the 3 other benefits of taking a high quality protein supplement that I mentioned.

First, studies have shown that UN-DENATURED whey protein helps boost your immune system by providing a highly bio-available form of protein called immunoglobulins. These special proteins are only available in cold processed whey concentrates… not the super-heated dead-on-arrival protein isolates you buy in the store.

The second benefit of taking a high quality protein supplement is that studies show it may improve mood and help with memory loss. A study done in 2012 suggested that the peptides and alpha-lactalbumin found in whey, may help protect against age related cognitive decline. And I don't know anybody who wouldn't want that!

The third benefit of taking a high quality protein supplement is that it may help slow signs of aging. Whey protein is rich in glutathione — your body's most powerful antioxidant. And studies show that increasing the body's production of glutathione may inhibit the progression of the aging process.

But all of these benefits are only available if you are taking a bio-available, cold-processed, non-dentured whey concentrate. When whey protein is super heated or denatured — you lose a lot of these life-supporting bio-proteins.

Now, pay close attention here because I'm going to tell you how you can tell the difference between these two types of protein supplements.

Awhile back I set out to find the best whey protein on the planet. I knew that this protein had to come from grass-fed, free-range cows, without any artificial hormones or antibiotics, and raised on an all-organic non-GMO diet. The best protein can only come from healthy cows that are not living in stressful environments.

When it came to the manufacturing — I knew it was absolutely critical to find a whey protein made in such a way that it would keep the proteins and amino acids in their natural and non-damaged form.

There was only one whey protein supplement I found that met all of these strict standards, and it's the only whey protein that I myself personally take and recommend.

After literally years of screening whey protein supplements against my strict standards, there is only one that stands up to all of these tests. It's called RealDose RealMeal GF™. And the reason I'm so excited about it is simple…

This is the highest quality and most pure form of whey protein available on the planet.

It's a non-denatured form of whey protein derived from grass-fed Australian cows. These grass-fed cows graze freely on grasses, legumes and herbs that grow naturally in vast Australian pastures. These cows live a natural and healthy life, and their milk delivers the purest whey on the planet.

I like to refer to this as "Farmers Market" quality whey… the complete opposite of the industrialized, hormone-laden whey that monopolizes most of the industry.

The other reason that I'm so excited about this Australian protein is that it's minimally processed — never heated or denatured — so all of the biological activity and immune boosting amino acids are fully intact.

Now if your main goal is weight loss — you should listen closely. RealMeal GF™ is a complete fat burning meal supplement with an amazingly low 120 calories… that helps keep you full for hours. All this in a delicious meal replacement shake, in either creamy vanilla or delicious chocolate. I call it "the Busy Person's Weight Loss Advantage."

And here's why: In addition to high quality protein for rapid weight loss — there are four more ingredients in RealMeal GF that will keep you on the fast track to achieving your weight loss goals.

The third additional ingredient is a powerful B-Vitamin Complex with Folate — for maximum energy levels. And we all know that one of the biggest reasons people abandon their diets is the dreaded energy crash — causing you to feel tired and lethargic.

So we've added proper amounts of all the B-vitamins — a complex that assists your body in metabolizing fat and protein to help you derive maximum energy from the foods you eat.

The fourth supplement group included in RealMeal GF is Creatine Long-term creatine use has been shown to increase both strength and endurance. So, to complete RealMeal GFTM, we added creatine to help you experience more strength and endurance throughout the day.

Now… chances are that if you're already taking a protein supplement — you're getting just a fraction of the benefits I've just mentioned. That's because one of the "shortcuts" that unscrupulous protein manufacturers take, is to load their products up with dirt-cheap, bottom of the barrel proteins — so they can maximize their profits. And unfortunately this is the reality for almost every protein powder out there.

And because these manufacturers are marking this junk up so much, and making a ton of money off you — "the unsuspecting consumer" — they simply don't care about the quality of their product.

And frankly, that upsets me.

As a medical doctor — I think it's a shame that you're throwing away your money, without getting the nutritionally-dense, meal replacement you deserve.

That's why I'm recommending you make an investment in a nutritionally complete protein meal supplement. A supplement that you will feel working immediately, and one that you can't afford NOT to take, if vitality, weight loss and all-day energy is something that's important to you.

But before I tell you where you can order RealMeal GF™ — there's something you should know. RealMeal GF is not the cheapest whey protein available. Whey from grass-fed cows is difficult to acquire and costly to produce. But in my experience, you get what you pay for.

The good news however, is that RealMeal GF is surprisingly affordable.

Less than a coffee & bagel or bacon & eggs at your local diner.

The cost for RealMeal GF is about 3 dollars per serving. And considering that this replaces an entire meal — I think it's a bargain. You'd be hard pressed to order a healthy meal this nutritionally complete for only 3 dollars.

So, let me ask you — would you be willing to invest just a few dollars for a convenient, delicious and super effective meal replacement shake that will accelerate your fat burning engine?

Here's my promise: If you replace even one meal a day with a delicious RealMeal GF shake, not only will you accelerate your weight loss — but you'll actually save quite a lot of money on costly groceries and expensive restaurant bills. Now that represents a true health bargain. You're losing weight AND saving money.

Try RealMeal GF Now!

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Now, I wouldn't put my name and reputation on the line for a company I didn't fully believe in and trust. In fact, when I first saw what RealDose was doing, I was so impressed by the commitment to quality and integrity, that I actually invested my own money in the company, and am now a part owner… Here is why…

For starters, we only use the Real Dose. This means that we use the exact same amount of each ingredient in our products, that the scientific research has shown to be effective. We never add an ingredient just for window dressing or marketing hype — a huge problem that is extremely common, even with many of the most popular brands found at your local supplement store. Cutting corners increases profits. But fortunately at RealDose, we're more concerned with your results than we are with our margins. Instead, we give you the honest amount of each ingredient that science shows will get you the best results.

RealDose products are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities, certified by the National Nutritional Food Association's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (or cGMP). cGMP is a third-party certification program that includes the inspection of manufacturing facilities to determine whether stringent performance standards are being met. Lastly, we have a system of checks and balances in place that even watches over our certified manufacturers, through third-party quality assurance testing.

After our products are manufactured, labeled and sealed, we voluntarily send random samples from each production run to an independent laboratory, to make sure that each product contains exactly what is stated on the label, and that it's pure and free from harmful byproducts and contaminants.

All of these practices are extremely rare in the supplement industry — in fact, they're almost non-existent — as they substantially drive up costs and decrease margins. But at RealDose, we feel that furnishing you with an honest, pure, and potent product that works and meets label claims, is by far the most important part of helping you get the results you deserve.

And this is why the ingredients in RealMeal GF, especially the whey protein derived from clean, healthy antibiotic-free grass-fed cows in Australia, represent the most effective protein meal supplement available today. And finally, with just one or two servings a day… you will see an increase in your metabolism, reduced cravings, and finally be able to better tolerate carbohydrates and control belly fat.

RealMeal GF is 100% all-natural, containing no artificial flavors, sweeteners or stimulants. And it's gluten free. We've literally spared no expense.

Now you might be asking yourself, how much is it going to cost me to get the benefits of RealMeal GF?

You might be thinking it will cost an arm and a leg to try a protein source of this quality. After all, getting grass-fed whey is 300-400% more expensive than other forms of whey protein. But today you can try one container for just $48 (this is around $3.20 a serving).

And if you go ahead and try three containers, you'll be able to try RealMeal GF for just $2.87 a serving. Again — far less than any meal you'll find at a restaurant — and less than a cup of coffee and a bagel at any coffee shop. And if you're serious about shedding pounds for both you and your family, we offer a 6-container option where your cost is just $2.56 a serving.

That said, we'll only be able to guarantee this price until our current inventory runs out, as the price for the premium raw ingredients contained in RealMeal GF is constantly changing, causing our pricing to be stringently re-evaluated with each subsequent production run, another reason why stocking up today is a smart option. And by the way, that's not marketing hype. That's the honest truth.

It's also important to know that you cannot buy Realmeal GF cheaper at any other web site, and it's not sold in stores. We guarantee the lowest price available by eliminating all the middlemen and shipping direct to you, straight from our state-of-the-art fulfillment center.

What's more, when you choose to invest in RealMeal today, we're also going to include a free copy of our special 'RealSmoothies for Real People' recipe book, giving you the inside scoop on all the best recipes that use RealMeal GF for maximum fat loss. This is another $20 value, but we're including it with your purchase today at no additional cost. And if that wasn't reason enough, you'll also receive free e-mail support and free access to our Healthy Life program, so our trained health and nutrition experts can make certain that every aspect of your weight loss transformation is fully supported… just one more way we assure your success at RealDose, with our industry-leading RealCare customer service team.

Here's my promise to you:

If you use RealMeal GF daily, you will get results… guaranteed. We know it works, and so do the thousands of happy RealMeal customers worldwide. After all, as we've shared with you today, the ingredients we've included in RealMeal are shown through top-rated, peer-reviewed research to increase your metabolism, reduce your appetite and help reduce the effects of a high carbohydrate meal… all while allowing you to drink delicious milkshakes.

At the same time, as a first-time RealMeal user, you've yet to experience those results, and we understand that you may still be a little skeptical. The fact is, you work hard for every penny you earn. So you should know that your purchase is fully protected by our industry-best 1-year unconditional money-back guarantee…

Simply put, that means you can try RealMeal GF today, and if at any point over the next 365 days you feel RealMeal isn't for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can get a prompt, courteous, unconditional refund, even on empty bottles, by contacting our customer support at 1-800-928-5580, or by e-mailing us at And if you didn't jot that down, don't worry. Our contact information will be on your receipt, and we're very easy to get a hold of.

I couldn't be more excited to work with you, and help you along the new path that you are choosing today. We're incredibly proud of you, and we want you to know that we'll be here with you, and for you, every step of the way.

So, make it a great day! Select your money-saving package below and then click the "Add to Cart" button to secure your discounted purchase of RealMeal GF — and get started toward your new future, and body, right now.

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