Fat Loss Fast Start Edition No. 8

Fat Loss Fast Start Edition No. 8:
This gift from the doctor may accelerate fat loss

Now that you've been taking Weight Loss Formula No. 1, you should be feeling more resilient to stress, lighter on your feet and less likely to tear open a bag of chips (or cookies) in a weak moment. Hunger pangs and cravings are starting to become a thing of the past.

Many of our customers notice that they're sleeping better too.

Contrast that with the frustration that brought you to WLF1 in the first place.

Stories like Sable's are common. Can't you FEEL her frustration?

"I was frustrated when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw that I looked exactly like I felt - but I certainly didn't see 'me'. I did not know how to dress this person who had gained so much weight, and whose hair and skin had even changed. So I just buried myself under my clothes and tried to hide from people. Ever since menopause, weight issues had plagued me, and I just wanted to lose it and feel good again.

"When a RealDose ad popped up on my computer, I was curious. I usually didn't pay any attention to the ads, but this one was making sense to me. Normally I didn't buy on line either, but I felt the honest truth from Dr. Sisskind and really wanted to give it a try.

"I began taking the RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 capsules 3 times a day. I actually dropped 5 pounds right away, but it was a whole month before I dropped another 3 pounds. It took time.

I read every email blog that came from Dr. Steve. He said that I should give myself time because the body does not always respond quickly; it needs time to adjust.

"I had tried numerous other programs and none had ever told me that! I was determined to stay on track and not give up. Even though the scale was not changing quickly, I was noticing a difference in how I felt. The little fat pads on the outside of my thighs disappeared before I lost the weight; my body was changing.

"Making changes to my diet was easy - junk food was out, greens were increased, and I added flax and chia seeds right away. Faithfully reading the email blogs motivated me to be patient.

"I also began to use all of the RealDose products. RealMeal gives me a delicious, fast and easy breakfast. I take the omegas with every WLF1 capsule, and the RealReds make a great snack mixed with almond or coconut milk.

"In July my husband died. He was my dearest friend and honest cheerleader. I had many sleepless nights and stressful days during that time.

"But, since I started on the RealDose program, I have been sleeping again and resting well, so my energy levels are up. I also believe that my hormone levels have begun to balance. I'm thankful to be in a good mental place now because of these positive changes.

"RealDose is a sensible program that is helping me attain steady weight loss. It has worked for me when other programs that promised quick results did not perform for the long term. RealDose is changing the way my body works, helping it to function the way it was meant to.

"My family and friends have noticed the changes, and even my pulmonary specialist is impressed. Happily, my clothes are now baggy. I'm walking more and my confidence is returning. I'm starting to recognize the Sable that I know in the mirror again."

Isn't that a terrific story?

Simplify your daily food choices — it's easier than you might think

It's quick, convenient and less expensive than other options.

I put together this 90-day SuperFood Weight-Loss System to help busy people achieve maximum results, without a lot of fuss.

Here's what it does for you:

So what's in the system?

The cornerstone is RealMeal GF - a scientifically formulated protein meal supplement that you can make into a satisfying shake in just 60 seconds or less.

Available in both chocolate and vanilla, it:

Best of all, it helps you look past all the food temptations you face every day.

Next up: RealReds ... a powerful drink mix that contains the antioxidant nutrients of 6 servings of fruits, but only about 1/10 the calories.

It whips up into a satisfying drink in under 30 seconds. Its phytonutrients help balance your body's inflammatory response, making it easier for you to lose fat.

Customers love making RealReds into snacks, such as popsicles or with a spoonful of Greek yogurt. And it's the perfect between-meal snack for when you're on the go or when you feel your stomach grumbling late at night.

At only 35 calories per scoop, it gives you tons of nutrition and flavor in 1 perfect guilt-free drink.

All while further accelerating your weight loss.

And I saved the best for last ...

Studies show that constant inflammation interferes with your body's hormonal response to sugar.

One of the most powerful ways to reduce that inflammatory response is to consume omega-3 fatty acids, specifically at a dose of 2.4 grams per day.

So I'm including a 90-day supply of Super Critical Omega-3 TG as part of my 90-day SuperFood Weight-Loss System.

But before you decide that any old omega-3 fish oil will work, you need to know that my Super Critical Omega-3 TG has been proven to be 1.7 times more bioavailable than others on the market.

It's also concentrated and purified, so you only need 3 softgels per day to get your 2.4 grams. You'd need up to 8 softgels or more of drug store fish oils to get close to the same benefits.

We use special clear enteric softgels to bypass your stomach acid and go straight to your intestine, so you absorb more omega-3s with no fishy aftertaste.

What's more, RealDose Super Critical Omega-3 TG promotes fat loss by helping increase your adiponectin levels.

As a bonus, you'll benefit from improved mood, better memory and focus, and anti-aging support.

My family and I take Omega-3 TG every day. And you can too ... thanks to the 90-day SuperFood Weight-Loss System.

Purchased separately, the price for a 90-day supply of these products is $636.

That's about $7 a day. Because of the high quality of our research-based ingredients, that represents a true health bargain.

But don't worry ... you won't have to pay anywhere near that much for this beneficial tool to propel you toward the body of your dreams.

Because you've already shown that you're serious about getting the best possible results, I decided to put together a special package that's available only to those who are still in the initial phase of using WLF1.

It's my special VIP gift to you, to fast track your success even more.

Remember, this makes your food choices deliciously easy - so you lose weight even faster.

It strips the temptation out of your food decisions.

Before you know it, friends who haven't seen you in a while might start wondering where the "old you" went ... just like the friend of our recent 60-Day Challenge runner-up Barbara Queen. As Queen reported, her friend came over to her and said ...

"Where is Barbara Queen? I know she should be right here at this spot, but that lady is 'too skinny.'"

How could you not love that question?

So do yourself and your figure a huge favor, and get this complete 90-day SuperFood Weight-Loss System.

As a special bonus for you, I am "gifting" you two $100 bills plus some ...

Which means that today you can get this system for just $397. You save $239!

I'm committed to helping you get the health and weight-loss success you dream of.

We believe in these scientific formulas and your upcoming results so much that we're willing to throw two $100 bills your way, so you can have access to this proven system today.

Lay claim to it today, so you can enjoy substantial, consistent, week-to-week results that are waiting with your name written on them.

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