Fat Loss Fast Start Edition No. 6

Fat Loss Fast Start Edition No. 6:
One of the world's most forgotten slimming foods

You probably know this intuitively - whether or not you've consciously thought about it.

There's hardly anything you can "overindulge" in and still lose weight, but you can do that with green vegetables. They have almost no calories, so "overeating" them won't hurt your waistline.

Not to mention that there's little risk of actually overindulging in them, because they don't have the same addictive properties as packaged foods.

Yet this tremendously slimming food is often neglected because it takes too much prep time. Can you relate?

Especially if you're buying raw veggies that have to be brought home from the farmers' market or store, washed, and cut up (and sometimes cooked) before you can eat them.

That's the bad news.

As a busy father of 4, I find it almost impossible to get enough vegetables in my diet. And I feel guilty if my children aren't getting enough healthy green goodness either.

Yet, to fight disease, keep your mind sharp and lose weight ... you need to eat 5 to 7 servings of veggies a day.

How many have YOU eaten today?

The solution to this dilemma is twofold ...

Trick #1: Whenever possible, prep your veggies all at once and put them in plastic bags or covered bowls for quick snacking.

We talked about this in an earlier email, so I won't belabor it here. But if you have a few extra minutes while you're waiting for dinner to finish cooking or right after dinner, take advantage of that time to prepare the next day's veggies.

Trick #2: Keep this "super food quickie" on hand for those super-crazy times...

I kept hearing from our customers that they were struggling with the same challenges. So I went searching for a fast, convenient way to get 5 to 7 veggie servings a day, without fail.

That's when I discovered the idea of green drinks.

These drinks contain concentrated vegetables and fruits that have complete nutritional profiles.

I thought my problem was solved, until ...

I read all those labels, and they seemed to focus on nothing but grasses, designed more for cows than for people.

Worst yet, they tasted awful. (Actually that's an understatement.)

After more research, after talking with more people and drinking more bad-tasting drinks, I was introduced to a different, more comprehensive type of green drink ...

This "food cocktail" completely caught me off guard (in a happy way).

Networking my way to this "food cocktail"

A friend of mine introduced me to New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Body - which is a great read, by the way. Through Tim, I met Chris Ashenden, creator of a product called Athletic Greens.

As I talked with Chris, it became apparent that there's a lot of misinformation out there about vitamins, green drinks and super-food cocktails.

To the extent that even if I did enjoy the flavor of green drinks, I probably still wouldn't want to consume them.

This nutritional powerhouse actually tastes GOOD!

Before expanding on what I learned from Chris, I want to tell you that Athletic Greens tastes good - really good!

I still don't understand how they pulled this off. I really enjoy drinking it.

So what's in it, and why is it different?

First, what's NOT in it ...

No GMOs (genetically modified organisms), yeast, peanuts, animal products, herbicides, wheat, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors/flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, eggs, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose or dextrose.

This is a long list, and as a supplement formulator, I can tell you that it's extremely difficult and expensive to pull off.

Which means that compared to other "green drinks," they didn't cut any corners.

Now for what's IN Athletic Greens:
12 grams of complete nutrition

Unlike traditional green drinks, Athletic Greens contains far more than just greens. It actually contains 4 categories of super foods.

1. Alkaline raw greens: Super foods freeze-dried to preserve their structure and lock in their nutrients. They're also cold-milled to keep from damaging their enzymes (this is rare).

2. Nutrient-dense natural herbs and antioxidants: Extracted from raw foods for maximum absorbability. One serving contains the antioxidant equivalent of 10 - 12 servings of fruits and vegetables (more than a day's worth).

3. Probiotics and naturally occurring enzymes: Critically important natural enzymes and probiotics heal and seal your gut, and enhance your ability to absorb nutrients. Dairy-free means no allergen worries.

4. Essential minerals and vitamins: The proper vitamins and minerals are essential for regulating blood sugar, healthy hormone levels, nerve function and much more.

Unlike most minerals contained in supplements, these are readily absorbed by your body.

As you may already know, it's very hard to get all your minerals from diet alone. But each serving of Athletic Greens contains all the vitamins and minerals you need.

Throw away your multivitamin?

One thing you'll discover if you study the label and talk to Chris is that by eating just 1 serving per day of Athletic Greens, you really don't need to take a multivitamin anymore.

In fact, most multivitamins are synthetic and not readily absorbable anyway ...

But Athletic Greens replaces even the most high-end multivitamin.

You also won't need your probiotic or enzyme supplement anymore. You still need your omega-3s, proteins, fruits and specialty formulas, but this completely covers most other basic nutritional requirements ... and it tastes good!

You don't need to be an athlete!

I believe that eating a serving a day of Athletic Greens is a good move, especially as you age.

From personal experience, I can attest that - especially when I combine Athletic Greens and RealMeal GF - I simply feel better, stronger and younger.

Even though Athletic Greens was originally designed for elite athletes, you don't need to be one to benefit from it. (Though it might make you feel as energetic as one!)

It delivers a consistent energy boost, without the peaks and valleys of stimulant-laced energy drinks.

As you can tell, I think Athletic Greens is pretty impressive!

But don't take my word for it. Head straight to the Athletic Greens website to find out for yourself ...

Make sure you read the list of 76 ingredients. It's truly impressive.

Click here to learn more about Athletic Greens

And don't let the pictures of all of those young athletes scare you!

Even though it was designed for elite athletes, it's absolutely perfect for regular people like you and me.

I will advise you that Athletic Greens is not inexpensive.

It's simply impossible to provide such high-quality formulas at a low price. I'm a big believer that you get what you pay for, and with Athletic Greens, you certainly do.

Just compare the prices for Chris' ingredients ... if you're like me, you'll be scratching your head as to why it doesn't cost a LOT more.

And think of all the time it's saving you! As they say, time is money. Invest accordingly.


Steven Sisskind, M.D.

P.S. Head straight to the Athletic Greens website to find out for yourself ...
Make sure you read the list of 76 ingredients. It's truly impressive.