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Doctor Endorsements

"I have been around the nutritional supplement industry for 23 years, and rarely if ever have I seen a company that pays as much attention to the science. RealDose's commitment to the right ingredients at the real dose is not only impressive, but already changing the industry."

Dr. Jonny Bowden
PhD, C.N.S.

"As a physician disabled due to epilepsy, I know that taking an omega-3 supplement is very important to the health of my brain and have been taking different forms for years. After reviewing all the options available today, I highly recommend RealDose Fish Oil as it gives the right dose of omega-3s in its most absorbable form."

Dr. Michelle Confer

"Omega-3 fish oils are a no-brainer for anyone determined to avoid the many chronic diseases rampant in our society today — yet compliance and correct dosing are critical. RealDose Fish Oil is the perfect product — high potency, bioavailable and clean. It plays a central role in my practice."

Dr. Kevin Light

"One of the few proven preventive supplements that anyone can take is Omega-3 fish oil. I recommend the RealDose Fish Oil brand for my patients and my family because of its special absorption properties, pharmaceutical purity and superior dosing."

Dr. James M. Kohan