Testimonial - Cheryl E

“It's been life changing! I am feeling better, sleeping better, no more snoring, double chin is gone and I'm more energetic.”*

"My lifestyle has changed naturally. Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat because my body is just not hungry. RealDose has been different than anything I have ever tried, it works!"

"As a child and teenager, I could eat whatever, whenever I wanted and never gained a pound. Then at 19, I settled into a desk job and all of that changed. My metabolism turned on me. Unfortunately, in my mind the only option was developing an eating disorder. As an adult, I got the help I needed and stopped that horrible roller coaster, but I never learned how to properly lose weight, so I felt hopeless when again the weight began to pile on, especially after having a Baby at age 40."

"When I first watched the RealDose video with Dr. Steve I was sure it was a scam. I took notes as I watched it and did the research on everything he said. I was surprised when I found all the evidence to support his words and so even on my tight budget I decide to at least get the first bottle."

"The first month there was no major weight loss but I did notice I was feeling better and that I wasn't eating as much. The constant hunger had subsided and food was not foremost on my mind so I ordered more. By the end of the second month and into the 3rd the weight loss was happening quickly. It was mostly coming off my stomach and today my stomach is flatter than it's been in 15 years."



“After six months on the program, I have not only lost almost 30 pounds, my blood work puts me in normal range for all of it! My doctor made it a point to email congratulations to me! RealDose is different than anything I have ever tried, because it works! Try it, you ARE worth it.”


Cheryl E., Mid 40s
Aurora, CO

*Disclaimer: Results are not typical and can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.