Save Money, Save Time, Earn Rewards


  • You’ll never run out of your favorite RealDose products. That’s a plus for your health and your peace of mind.

  • BIG SAVINGS — YOU’RE LOCKED IN AT 20% OFF all subscription orders!

  • You’ll automatically start earning REWARDS 1 POINT ON EVERY $1 SPENT.

  • You get FREE SHIPPING on every subscription order!

  • You’re in TOTAL CONTROL of how much product you receive, as well as when and how often.

  • You can MANAGE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT online, change your order, skip a shipment, or cancel anytime.

  • YOU GET A VIP TREATMENT! First priority to customer support and fulfillment!

  • You get an email alert BEFORE every shipment processes!

  • This program is designed around YOU and your busy lifestyle. It gives you easy and quick delivery of your favorite products — BEFORE you run out.


What is AutoRefill?

AutoRefill is a program created by RealDose Nutrition to ensure that our customers never run out of the supplements they need to live life at its fullest. When you sign up for AutoRefill, RealDose ships the products of your choosing on the schedule of your choosing. As an AutoRefill customer, you will enjoy 20% savings, lock in your orders at our best prices and get free shipping on all orders, for life.

You always have complete control over your AutoRefill orders, and we send an email reminder before each order ships. You can change your delivery frequency, next order date or quantity anytime by visiting 'Manage Subscriptions' located within the Account section of our website. Changes to orders can be made up to 24 hours before the next scheduled shipment date, and you can cancel at any time.

Why should I sign up for AutoRefill?

With your busy life, it’s all too easy to forget to place an order when your supply of Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is dwindling, or when you’re down to your last two servings of RealReds. What’s more, a disruption in a healthful routine can set you back in your attempts to control your weight and improve your health.

AutoRefill ensures that you’ll never run out of the RealDose supplements you need to keep your weight down, your energy levels up and your hormones balanced.

AutoRefill doesn’t just mean that you won’t have to skip a few days without your favorite supplements. It also means you won’t need to go to the trouble of placing an order.

It’s one way we can help you simplify your life.

Who should use AutoRefill?

We recommend AutoRefill for anyone who has incorporated RealDose supplements into their daily health routines. It ensures uninterrupted access to the products that help you make the most out of life.

How does AutoRefill work?

AutoRefill could not be easier. Simply choose your products and decide on when you want to get them — perhaps quarterly shipments work best for you, or maybe you prefer monthly. Then, provide us with your preferred payment option.

Just before your shipment date, we’ll notify you by email that your products are on the way and that your credit card will register the transaction. All you need to do is take delivery.

What will happen after I create a subscription?

After you place your first AutoRefill order, you will receive an email confirming your subscription. This email will include a link to access your account — where you can manage your future orders, rewards and subscription account information.

We will place your AutoRefill orders automatically according to your selected frequency, and you will only be billed on the day the order is shipped. Prior to each order, we will send you an email reminder. You will also receive email notifications regarding other important information related to your AutoRefill account, such as if your product is discontinued, if you cancel your subscription, or confirmation when an order is placed successfully.

How do I earn Rewards?

The easiest way to join the Rewards program is to place an AutoRefill order! Once you place your order, an account is automatically created and emailed to you. Inside your account you will be able to manage your future AutoRefill orders as well as manage and redeem Rewards points - start earning points now!

How do I make changes to my AutoRefill orders?

Once you’ve subscribed, AutoRefill is easy to manage. You can change your next order date, skip an order, change your selected frequency or cancel a subscription by logging into your account. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.

Change an order date or skip a delivery:

  • To change your next order date, please visit the ‘Manage AutoRefill’ tab in the Account section then select the “Edit” button. Once that’s done, select a new date for your order or choose to skip the order altogether.

Change shipment frequency:

  • To modify the delivery frequency for an AutoRefill item, please visit the ‘Manage AutoRefill’ tab in the Account section then select the “Edit” button. Once that’s done, click on 'Change Delivery Schedule" and then select your next desired frequency from the pull-down menu.

Cancel subscription:

  • To cancel an AutoRefill item, please visit the ‘Manage AutoRefill’ tab in the Account section, and simply click ‘Edit’ next to your subscription. Scroll down to select “Cancel”. Your subscription will be canceled and no future orders will be placed. You will receive an email notification confirming this.

  • Please allow up to 24 hours for any modifications or cancellations to be processed.

How do I make changes to my AutoRefill account information?

To review or modify your AutoRefill account information, login to your account and view the ‘Manage AutoRefill’ section. You can view and change your shipping address or payment information.

  • To change shipping information:

    • Go to ‘Manage Addresses’ and select the address to modify or add a new one.

  • To change billing information:

    • Go to ‘Manage AutoRefill’ then select ‘Billing Information’ where you can update your credit card and billing address.

Please remember to press OK and verify that your updated information saved successfully. We kindly ask that you allow up to 24 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.

How do I enroll in AutoRefill program?

Creating a subscription is easy; it can be done while browsing on a product page or while reviewing items in the shopping cart. To subscribe, simply select one of our AutoRefill products, choose your preferred quantity and shipment frequency, and then check out as normal.

If I decide AutoRefill isn’t for me, how do I cancel it?

In the unlikely event that AutoRefill doesn’t work for you, canceling is never a problem. You can cancel through your account anytime. Or call our RealCare team and they will help you cancel your order too.

Have questions or need help?

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